Double Bearish Harmonic Pattern Gartley & Butterfly


Here we have a correction trend that has a double Harmonic Pattern Formation and the downtrend line waiting to be tested by the price again, so these points gives to us a clear picture of what’s going to happen with the Swiss Franc in the next hours.

And something you have to understand here due to these two formations I have to join both the PRZ of the Patterns so I transform it into just one, cuz they’re practically in the same place and that gives a unique place where the price can reverse.

So that been said let’s check the rules for this edge:

1. Harmonic Pattern Completion ( Bearish Gartley@0.786XA & Butterfly@1.272) – Waiting;

2. PRZ Hit – Waiting;

3. PRZ Test – Waiting;

4. Resistance Zone Test – Waiting;

5. Downtrend Test – Waiting;

6. Candlestick Reversal Sign – Waiting;

7. Candlestick Confirmation Sign – Waiting

8. Risk Management – Applied;

9. Risk / Reward – 1/3.

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